Every Day With You, There’s Something New To Love


I don’t love you because you say the right thing or do the right thing or call in the right moment. I don’t love you because you made me a card book for Christmas or special ordered a painting of a quote I love or delivered a book right to my door after talking about it. I don’t love you because you care about my family or my friends or my feelings. I don’t love you because. I simply love you.

I love you when I wake up in the morning, on my drives to and from work, and when I go to bed at night. I love you when I’m happy, when I’m excited, when I’m scared, and when I’m sad. I love you when I’m angry and when I’m anxious. I love you all the time. Even when I don’t want to. You’re all I wanna talk about and who I always wanna talk to. You are the best part of every single day, and I’m so incredibly thankful for you.

I wake up every single morning with butterflies in my tummy, excited to grab my phone to message you. I go to bed each night looking up at Heaven and thanking God for His gift. Even in random moments in my life, when I look back on memories we’ve made together or moments we’ve enjoyed or tough conversations we’ve thrived through, I’m overwhelmed by this feeling of love.

Life will be hard sometimes; unplanned circumstances will present themselves; my emotional issues will take over; your eye-on-the-prize attitude will lead to neglect. But we will make it through.

I want to grow with you; become better with you; build with you. I don’t think I’m naive in saying what we truly understand each other in ways we’ve never experienced before. We connect like one soul in two bodies. The fact that I vocalize my vulnerabilities and my pain and you stick around through it all is what I hold onto. It’s what I will look back on when we hit the lows; it’s what I will draw from for our highs. Every day with you, there’s something new to love.