Even When Your Heart Is Broken, Trust The Game Of Love


We’re told all too often that it can’t be you. It’s him; it’s always him. No matter the circumstance, you can’t be at fault for a broken heart. However, when you’re left in the dark with nothing but the sweet medley of memories you made together, it’s difficult to pinpoint the very moment it went to shreds. Suddenly, his inconsistent ability to keep contact with you is now a charming quality, and you start to miss the phone calls that took place into the early hours of the morning. The phrase “Nothing good happens after 2 am” has seemed to slip your mind entirely.

So how come he still finds a way to creep back into your thoughts? I can guarantee it has something to do with falsely believing that he’s the one. I’m sure you’re thinking that it’s always been him and are afraid it will always be him, but you need to stop with the what-might-have-been attitude.

It’s natural to want every minute spent with him back; however, it’s also natural to realize the relationship has run its course. Maybe it was the date who never called you back or maybe it was the fling that fizzled out; regardless of the circumstance, you must accept what has happened and move on graciously. I say graciously because you must agree to be the bigger person. Not to say that stooping to his level and making him jealous wouldn’t be amusing, but “the best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.” Killing him with kindness is the perfect way to say, “Screw you!” and let him know you’re doing perfectly fine without him.

All his flaws and mistakes are now the least of your concerns because they’re currently another poor girl’s problem, though soon she too will come to the heart-wrenching realization that she has been played. It’s a tragic, unsteady conclusion that everyone must come to on their own terms. And although it’s hard to understand how it is you got there, you made it out alive and found yourself along the way.

The memories come back in flashes and then all at once; you see the good and the bad and remember why you chose to forget. It’s difficult to look back and see the red flags that stuck out so obnoxiously, but it’s those newly, found indicators that will save you from the next heartbreak.

It will ache in places that you didn’t know could hurt and you’ll wonder how you managed to convince yourself to be as happy as you were. For a brief moment, you’ll be paralyzed by time and not even the words you once wanted to hear will make a difference. This is moving on in the cruelest way. But as time goes on, the tragic, beautiful cycle will repeat itself and you’ll meet people worthwhile.

All that time you thought time was wasted, little did you know that time would bring you somewhere wonderful—or where you’ve always wanted to be. Trust the game of love. It will break you, burn you, and become you all at once. And as much as we hate to see it end, that just means the story is not over quite yet.