Even The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Thinks Logan Paul Is A Dumbass For Posting A Youtube Video With A Dead Body


Youtube sensation Logal Paul has been all over the Internet the past few days, but it’s probably not the kind of press he’s been seeking. The online star has been known for his controversial stunts and crazy videos, but none ever created quite as much backlash as his most recent one he posted during a trip to Japan.

In the now-deleted video, Paul and his friends decided to explore the Japanese suicide forest, which is a notorious place where people go to commit suicide. He claimed it was all for a bit of fun, but when they actually found a dead body hanging from a tree, they decided to keep filming — with a weak excuse that it was for “suicide awareness.”


That’s right, Logan Paul showed close-up shots of a dead human being who had committed suicide and then tried to say it was supposed to be helpful to people who might be considering committing suicide.

Paul has since apologized, though very few people are willing to accept it. Even big name celebrities have started weighing in on the situation, like Aaron Paul and Sophie Turner.



But have no fear, the celebrity opinion that we’ve REALLY been waiting for is here — Danielle Bregoli’s, AKA the “Cash Me Outside” girl.

TMZ caught up with the internet sensation, who was pretty straightforward about what she thought of Paul and his most recent stunt. Even she thinks what he did was stupid af, which is saying a lot. And she wasn’t about to stay quiet about it.

Bregoli told the media:

“When you’re talking about it saying, ‘Oh depression is a bad thing,’ and then you start laughing… Yo, that’s crossing the line. And don’t get me wrong, I knew Logan Paul, I stopped talking to him after a while, but I think that’s kind of disgusting…”

“You kill someone and apologize for it, does that make it okay?”

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m right there with you, Cash Me Outside girl.

So, there you have it. Not even a week into 2018 and we have a famous vlogger under fire for uploading videos of dead bodies and a controversial internet meme from 2017 criticizing him for doing it. What a world we live in.