Even On Your Darkest Days, Choose Grace


Depression is a word used so often these days that its significance is lost. However, the wide use of the word should reflect just how truly significant depression is in the world today.

Depression is a word with so many meanings, therefore it is easily misunderstood. But that’s the thing—depression means something different to each person experiencing it.

Depression is a word many view as an excuse, when in actuality it is a reason. A reason with truth and validity.

Now, I’m not saying to accept depression for what it is and remain powerlessly overcome by it. But I am saying that when it presents itself, be it short-term or chronically, be kind to yourself when the world isn’t.

Just as the meanings of depression have been shadowed by the frequent use of the word, so has the meaning of grace. I’ve used, and heard the use of the word since I can remember. And while I had a general understanding of grace, it’s impactful meanings were lost in translation. Whether one chooses to look at it spiritually or logically, the practice of showing and giving grace to oneself and others can be pivotal to the conquering of depression.

Spiritually, grace is an everlastingly present theme throughout vast and varying religious texts, prayers, and other spiritual practices. God’s grace presents itself through His unconditional and eternal love for all.

Depression can fill the mind with lies of being undeserving of such grace and love, but those lies pale in comparison with the love and grace that has existed, is existing, and will continue to exist from God. This is something I’d been told countless times. But after truly sitting with that information and much reflection, I can confirm that grace is, in fact, amazing.

The revelation allowed me to stop grasping at the illusion of control and open myself to receive such grace from God and myself. If not for my broken moments, I wouldn’t have experienced an awakening to the beauty that is grace and the purity that is God’s love.

The hard-knock life of depression is difficult enough without the help of internal and external criticism and judgement. So, even if it’s difficult surrendering control, try to focus that want for control internally and choose grace. Choose it for yourself so you too can show others. Even if there’s a question of worthiness within, bask in the glory of God and His grace, which deems each of us worthy yesterday, today, and all other past days and days to come. Remember that the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross is the result of His sacrifice to prove our worthiness. Believe in your worth, because it is true.

Gracefully heal while never forgetting the light that shone for you through the cracks of the brokenness. Outwardly illuminate that light and show up as a pivotal force full of grace for others. This too shall pass.