Even On The Darkest Of Days, Light Will Find You


You will be okay. Even on the darkest of days, light will find you. It will find you and it will scoop you up and cradle your broken pieces. Even In the most painful of moments, the kind in which you feel as though you cannot go on, ease will take you by the fingertips, gently guiding you along your path. Even when you feel as though the world is crumbling beneath your feet, when you feel your heart weighing you down within your chest.

I want you to know that you’re here. That you’re safe. That you’re alive.

And you will be okay. Even when you feel your worst, when you feel as though your heartstrings are bending and becoming misshapen at the tiniest of tugs. Know you’re full of infinite strength; know that it is keeping you grounded. Even when your fingers are trembling from wiping away your tear stained face, when you feel as though the days and the weeks and months are too heavy to hold onto, tranquility and softness will pull you close, blanketing you with love. And even when your bones feel bruised and brittle and you feel you could break at any moment, remember that you have survived every single difficult moment up until now. You will survive this time too, and you will keep continuing to survive.

I need you to know just how worthy and capable and valid you are, not just in the eyes of other people—I need you to see it for yourself too. I need you to remember that healing isn’t linear; it isn’t an easy ladder that you simply have to climb. Because healing is messy. It is bumpy and heavy and debilitating. You’re going to have days where you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, where you feel the pressure of society’s standards coming down onto you all at once. You’re going to have moments when the air feels suffocating, when you feel trapped.

And although it is near impossible for one to be truly, completely healed, my promise to you is that you are going to feel the magic of life again. You’re going to wake one morning with the taste of happiness on the tip of your tongue and the sense of freedom filled within your soul. The days in which you would wake feeling all the confusion and hurt and fogginess will be replaced with a state of felicity. You will wake with a sense of peace, a sense of hope. You will look back on the darkest of days and see how the light found you and how it cradled your broken pieces. How ease really did take you by the fingertips. How it guided you to exactly where you are right now, where you’re meant to be.

And you will be okay.