Don’t Worry About The Past, You Are A New Person Every Single Day


Everything up until now doesn’t matter anymore. You are a new person today. In fact, you’re a new person every day. You are under no obligation to be the same person that you were the day before. You’re no longer who you were in the past and the past is not the rest of your life. What matters now is how you go forward, not who you used to be or what you used to do. What matters now is who you are in this moment and what you’re doing right now.

You begin writing a new story every single day.

It’s not a story written in retrospect but one that is looking to the future. You are new. Only what you do from here on out matters. It’s time you begin again.

2 Corinthians 5:17 points out that if you’re in Christ you’re a new creation. Where you failed or succeeded no longer matters. You have to stop thinking about it, stop reading about it and definitely stop talking about it. You should no longer care about where your old self failed. You’re allowed to dissociate yourself from that person and start again.

You can rebuild and have a new vision. Dare to dream again. Dream really big dreams and work towards achieving them. However, ensure that they are actually achievable. Try not to waste your time and energy on misinformed dreams. Sometimes you can work really hard at something and at the end of all your toiling, realize that you really didn’t want it that much.

Maybe your old self was obsessed with progress and “making it.”

It’s okay to bloom where you’re planted. Don’t live life on the run — trying to jump from one achievement to the next. Progress is great, but don’t rip yourself out of the soil, in pursuit of the next achievement, as soon as you start budding. That’s the surest way to kill the chances of the flower blooming.

Maybe the person you are today just needs to stop and enjoy the sunshine.

Maybe your new start is just learning to slow down. You don’t need to have done everything now. You’re still young and trying to figure life out. Don’t force yourself to move until you’re ready. Trust your growing process. You’re not a GM crop; you’re not going to reach your full potential overnight. Flowers take their time and, in the right season, they’re as beautiful as anything. So ‘hold the vision and trust the process.’
The main thing is to not get sidetracked by your idea of how things should be that you’re completely blind to how things actually are. If you realise that what you had in mind isn’t panning out like it should, you’re allowed to change your mind. It’s not quitting, or weakness, or giving up. It’s just simply being wise enough to choose a different path.

Sometimes, when you’re traveling through a city you’ve never been to, you take a different turn by mistake. Note how the GPS recalculates the route almost immediately so that you’re back on the right path. It’s exactly the same with life. There will always be a way to get to where you’re supposed to be. So be kind to yourself and remember that you’re allowed to begin again. Every. Single. Day.