Don’t Waste Your Heart In Unrequited Love


Unrequited love is not a war to fight, it’s an already lost battle and you are just aimlessly flapping your hands and legs to reverse the irreversible mess. You have got to stop punishing yourself for not being able to win over them. A human heart can’t be acquired and ruled by monarchy, it demands negotiations, treaties and autonomy. And maybe this heart you are hopelessly craving for wants clauses you can’t provide with. Or simply are not in the same place you are.

There is no point being so hard on yourself. Because, yes, love can move mountains but not an unreceptive heart.

You need not take that walk of shame every day for letting yourself love. You are not as insignificant as this entire affair makes you look. You are not deemed to be a hospitable guesthouse catering to everyone’s needs. You deserve to be someone’s home. And much more than that.

There are no glitches in the way you love, you are just loving the wrong person.

So, cut yourself some slack and let go.

I know you are hurting  and you have given too much. You taste like the saline wind after a storm.

But what is more fierce than a soul that has survived an apocalypse? You are an amazing piece of art, a little too pink and a little too dark. But trust me, you will find your admirer who sees your beauty.

It’s time you mend your potholes and stop scratching your wounds. I know your love denies to be ephemeral. But in this ephemeral world, your love will sustain only when you find someone who reciprocates, continuously and over time.

So, will you not give yourself another chance in the game of love? How love is like effortlessly floating in zero gravity space, unlike unrequited love which tends to drag you down by your legs. So, keep a little faith in magic and let yourself open to all the sweetness in this world. 

And you know what, you can still make extra cups of coffee, but for someone who stays over because you were too sick last night. You can still fluff extra pillows in the night, but for someone who never fails to wake you up in the morning with a cup of coffee.