Don’t Try To Be The Hero


Don’t feed my ego with shallow compliments.
Don’t fill my mind with ifs and maybes about
What’s to come and what’s not.

Don’t paint an image of surrealist emotion,
With inexistent colors and worlds to which
I don’t and won’t belong to.

Don’t make me listen to empty words that are
just waves traveling through the wind
but won’t ever reach my veins.

Don’t try and make me leave the place I am in,
for I have slayed dragons and monsters,
I have walked through the desert and
climbed the highest mountains to get here.
I belong here.

Don’t change my colors for whatever works for you,
because millions of years and molecules, dust, wind,
water and fire have worked together to build the person you see.
I am the storms and the sunny days,
I am both the flowers on the side of the road
and the demons that frighten you at night.

Don’t try and save me from the dangers of a world
that has done nothing but build me beautiful castles
every time I decide to burn everything to the ground.

Don’t try and convince me that you’ll be the one to reign besides me,
because that place is reserved for the perfect combination
of pain and ambition, stardust and lava.
Is saved exclusively for the one who won’t try
to change the course of the river.
Saved for the one who will accept the fire in
the veins that run all throughout my body.
For the one who will watch me water the sunflowers
until they grow tall just, just for them to turn to ashes
as soon as I close my eyes at night.

Don’t say you’ll save me
and run at the first sight of the hurricane that’s coming your way.

Don’t try to be the hero, I am in no need for one.