Don’t Tell Them Why You’re Crying


Don’t tell them why you’re hurting, don’t tell them the truth, tell them it’s just a bad day, tell them you’re just moody, tell them you’re tired but don’t tell them who hurt you, don’t tell them who caused you so much pain and don’t tell them that you’re broken. Tell them you’re unbreakable.

Because once they know what breaks you, they’ll know how to shatter you.

Don’t tell them why you’re crying, don’t let them know that certain words bring up all your childhood insecurities, don’t tell them that you actually cry easily even though you pretend like you’re exceptionally tough and don’t tell them that deep inside you’re always crying when you see something that reminds you of him, that reminds you of how things used to be. Tell them you never cry.

Because once they know the reason behind your tears, they’ll know how to make you cry.

Don’t tell them your fears, don’t tell them what you’re terrified of or what makes you lose control, don’t tell them about your soft spots and don’t tell them that another human being can make you weak, that secretly you could drop everything to be with one person, that underneath it all, that’s all you really want. Don’t tell them you’re afraid of heights or loneliness or betrayal. Tell them you’re fearless.

Because once they know what you fear, they’ll know how to scare you.

Some people may seem to want the best for you and pretend that they’re listening to you because they care about you but all they’re really doing is trying to figure out how to destroy you, they’re looking for cues and hints about what pushes you over the edge and which situations can showcase your flaws best.

And it’s not because they’re mean or evil, but they just want to feel better themselves.

They want to know that within this mad reality, they still have something you don’t, that you mess up where they shine or that you put yourself in situations they’ll never put themselves in. They use you to clean up their mess.

So don’t trust people with your issues unless you want to add them to your list of issues.

When it comes to talking about your personal life, less is more.

So don’t tell them more than they need to know and don’t tell them that you’re not telling them everything. Always tell them that you’re telling them everything.