Don’t Let Bad People Keep You From Seeing The Good In Yourself


Here’s a fact: There are bad people in this world.

There are people who will bite at you with disregard, condescendence, and rudimentary behavior.

There are people who will bite at others with a complete inadequacy to find respect in the similarities we all share in being human; people who will tear others down, for one trait or another, or simply in the act of following a blind vision of superiority.

There are people who will do bad things. People who will say bad things. People who will believe bad things.

And all of these people are wrong.

But it is not our job to wallow in that wrongness or dwell on the fact that these people lack the competence to be decent human beings.

Because they have no influence on us. They hold no significance, and they mean what their intentions amount to: Nothing.

It is bad people that create the issues in this world that we all fight for.

It is bad people that wrong humanity to deny our efforts to inch closer to justice, to equality, to understanding.

The person that shows no disregard for other human beings; the individual that triggers another into a spiral of self-doubt; the one who influences another in a negative way, brings someone who they could have left untouched, or lifted up, into a space that they want nothing to do with.

These people are bad, and they will always exist.

But we are good and will also always exist.

Whether that means living and acting in ways that make the bad dismissible, as dismissible as the human values they ignore in ignorance.

Whether that means confronting what is bad with a genuine truth that can hardly be ignored: The truth that bad intentions, bad affects, bad experiences felt by an individual that are caused by another person, are the doer’s responsibility. A responsibility they will have to live with for the rest of their lives, and not the other way around.

Because what is forced upon us is able to be freed from us through good intentions.

The good intentions of others that bring us back up into the spaces we thrive in; the good intentions we sustain in defiance of those that are bad; the good intentions sprung onto others in an achieving attempt to foster good everywhere, and eventually light all that is dark with the burning flame of a thousand great candles.

And what is forced onto others by an individual is never able to be freed by themselves.

The bad intentions of an individual or group deride those who they target, in minor and major ways alike; the bad intentions, released in ignorant aim, may pierce someone so deep and so strong, to the extent that a life is lost or a reality changed, and this is not reversible by any means. In that, a bad person who does bad things will remain bad in a static permanence; they will always be bad in that situation, and to the people they influence.

Unless those they influence find the highest ground and exhibit the most human quality that any positive being can exhibit: compassion, and forgiveness.

This compassion and forgiveness are justifiable. Because bad people are sad, and bad people are sick. They do not understand the base values of being human, how to function as a productive and giving individual who hosts actions and intentions that are beneficial to others and meaningful in life.

They will never see life as golden or warm as we do, covered in the silver linings threaded by our companions, our colleagues, our friends who we have yet to meet but know through association of simple goodness.

So we forgive, and if we have the time, the resources, the correct opportunities, we begin to enable them to practice what is good instead of what is bad.

But this only stands if the right circumstances fall into place.

On one hand, it is our opportunity to help bad people do good things. On the other hand, it is their responsibility to act with good manners and hold accountability for their choices, behaviors, and demented personalities. Because first and foremost, the duty of the good-doer is to alleviate other good souls from the bad situations forced upon them by those who fail to see the light. Those who fail to know how to live well, live right, and live responsibly.

So we fight, never stop fighting, and inevitably triumph over the bad people in this world.

We light the way for good people to do good things, for good people to live good lives, and in the crevices and cracks encourage bad people to find roads that lead them towards aims of being good.

We carry on, smiling, laughing, making a difference.

Heading positive intentions in the prosperity of the good lives around us.

As we always will.