Don’t Fear A Strong Woman, Embrace Her


The vast majority of people fear strong women; they’re instantly intimidated by their outspokenness, their force, their fire.

Now, let me dismantle that old belief and tell you a little more about this beautiful breed of women. Yes, we are not easily intimidated, however, this does not make us aggressive. People are simply not used to dealing with such forces of nature in (thought of as) delicate bodies.

The truth is that strong women are independent, take care of themselves as best as they can, and hustle for the things they want. All while refusing to take shit from anyone.

That does not make them heartless or cold. NOT. AT. ALL. It just means they’re assertive enough to know better than to waste their precious time with people who will interfere with their happiness, focus, and/or goals.

Strong women have no time for gossip, bullshit, or trivial pettiness.

They won’t tolerate people who put down others and will absolutely call out this behavior if they see it.

Strong women won’t tell you much about themselves, but that’s part of the beauty. You get to discover her the more you get to know her.

They won’t gloat about their success, instead they’ll motivate you with their actions and be there for you when you’re in need.

But as strong as they are, they’re still human and can cry or break down too. If you’re her friend or her lover, know that she needs you too. She may not always want to ask for help because she is used to relying on herself.

So why is it that most people fear strong women?

Well, for starters they’re very confident and self-assured. They are aware of their own abilities and what they need to accomplish their goals. They are their own source of motivation, validation, and reassurance. Strong women know what they want, and for some reason, this threatens people.

Stick around long enough and maybe you’ll get a taste of what having a strong woman by your side means. Also, prepare to have the best time of your life and learn.