Don’t Fall For The Guy Who Texts You At 2 AM


Do not fall for a guy who texts you at 2 in the morning.

Do not fall for that guy who awaken up your senses so early in the morning that you cannot get back to sleep because you’d end up talking for hours.

Do not fall for that guy who chooses to ring your phone so late at night just to tell you he can’t sleep, because he wanted to hear your voice.

Do not converse when he tells you about the latest episode of a series he’s been binge watching and how he raves about the characters he loves much that he ditches his sleep to talk to you. Do not listen when he tells you that you’ll love the series the way he does so you need to watch it so that the both of you could talk about it together.

Moreover, when he blabbers about something that you both should watch—like the latest movie or that very out of date vhs movie copy he really loves to watch over and over again while munching on your favorite food, do not engage.

And oh, not to mention about Harry Potter, Twilight and all other books sci-fi books and authors that you both like to read and re-read. You know when he opens up about that topic, you’d go “Alohomora” like a door for him on the remaining hours of your resting time.

You see, you always end up having the same conversations over and over again, but you do not mind as long as the both of you are talking.

Do not fall for a guy who sends you cooking videos, saying that it is your taste so he’ll cook that very same dish for you. Do not fall for that guy who lets you know about a recipe for an alcoholic drink, saying he’d love to spend the night drinking and talking with you.

When he discovers something, like a very weird meme, a brand new cartoon character, the release of the toy he’s been waiting for years, a new restaurant three blocks away from your condo–you’d be the first one to know about it. And that very early hour, you’d have the privilege to hear the excitement on his voice as he tell you about all the details.

Most of all do not fall for a guy who hits you up so early about the most random and dumbest things that can effortlessly make you smile.

Do not fall for that guy.

Do not fall for that guy because you’ll end up getting used to it.

Early morning talks are dangerous. The intimacy of talking about things when everybody else is sleeping addicting that it will continually drug you, until you find yourself wanting more. You’ll be attached to that magical hour, thinking it is sort of a secret just between the two of you.

You find yourself not sleeping because you’ll be waiting for that call, that ring, so you two can talk until the sun rises. You’ll be anticipating, thinking of things you two can talk about for tonight and the nights next to that.

You’ll end up needing, longing to hear his voice.

Then one day, while you are lying on the bed, listening to the clock tick, waiting for 2AM, that ring didn’t come; that text didn’t arrive.


And just like that, you let time slip away. You see the sun rise but you didn’t even hear his voice–not a sigh, more so, not even a laugh.

The following night, you still do the same, but it happened again. You start thinking that maybe you’ve just hallucinated the whole thing. That those talks means nothing to him the way they meant everything to you. Or maybe, you think, maybe you did something wrong that of a sudden, he just forgot that 2AM magic did exist.

More nights passed, and then you finally admit to yourself that those texts and calls will not comeback. Just like how your emotions effortlessly fell for the guy who texts you at 2AM.

You looked over your shoulder.

It’s 2:01AM.

You cannot continue waiting for something that is not coming anymore. You cannot continue waiting for someone who seemed to have forgotten about you. So remind yourself again, ‘never fall for a guy who texts you at 2AM.’

You close your eyes. It’s time to sleep now.