Don’t Date A Girl Who Knows What She’s Looking For


It’s been a struggle to reach a point where we can finally say we know what kind of person we believe would be right for us. We didn’t just wake up one day knowing what a good match would feel like.

It took deep conversations with grandmothers, long hours of self-reflection that kept us up all night, and most importantly it took a few heartbreaks.

We’ve developed a zero-tolerance attitude towards childish emotional games and we’ve mastered the art of letting you down smoothly.

There was once a time when we were confused about what would make us happy.

When we didn’t know what our priorities in a relationship would be.

When we would accept deeply apparent flaws because we’ve already invested some time with a person.

When we would turn a deaf ear to what the people who mattered the most were trying to tell us.

When we would compromise unjustly because we thought we were being kind.

When we were not aware of our self-worth.

Don’t date a girl who knows what we wants.

We don’t care for public romantic gestures; we really just want the person who can prove they know us to the core.

We don’t care for social media promotion of a relationship; we just want the enjoyment of spending time together without worrying about documenting it every minute.

We don’t care for the hyperactive social life you’re trying to achieve; we just want a good conversation.

Don’t date a girl with a remarkable level of self-awareness.

Because if you are faking your interest in us, we can tell.

If you’re only with us for fun, we’ve already moved on.

If you believe you’ve managed to fool us, we’ve outsmarted you and you don’t even know it yet.

And if you don’t feel that you’re right for us, we already know you’re not.

Don’t date a girl who knows what she’s looking for.

We’ve been through enough to know when to give up and when there’s potential. We know what strong connections are made of and we can promise to never trick you into believing we’re serious about you if we’re not.

Don’t date a girl who knows what she’s looking for unless she’s the one you’re looking for.