Don’t Check Up On Me


I was living life, a good life. Going to sleep peacefully not having a care in the world. I knew not to check my phone for a “Good Morning Beautiful” text or a “Sleep Tight ladybug” text. I was hitting the gym consistently, actually I was about to start doing two-a-days. I was eating healthy, more greens and less sweets. I was mingling and socializing at the many different clubs Miami has to offer.

And then all of a sudden, you texted me.
You texted me saying “Hey, just checking on you!”

Why do you feel the need to check up on me when you’re the one who left me?

Just go about your business because I was clearly going about mine. It’s hard to get over you and accept the fact that we will never be together again when you text me “Hey, just checking on you.”

I’m pretty sure that if something drastically happens to me, let’s say I ended up in the hospital, word would get around and you would know something happened to me. In that case I wouldn’t expect you to show up at the hospital, you weren’t that much of a man anyway.

You made me your ex, so do me a favor and treat me like one.

That one text message, those five words, those twenty letters gave me hope. Hope for nothing because you were just checking on me, it meant nothing to you but it meant a hell of a lot to me.

I don’t even know how to small talk with you anymore. I want to honestly tell you how much I love you and miss you in my life but you were just simply…checking on me.

I can’t be your friend, your home girl because when we were together I was your girlfriend and I played that role very well. All the hard work and effort I made to get over you and not be stuck on stupid has gone out the door.

I prayed for me to have strength to get over you so I can allow a new man into my life, one who is up for the challenge.

Because clearly you were not.

I don’t feel as if you should text me unless you are asking me to be with you again but even that question may cause for some hesitation. You left me thinking you can find better but within two months you are back in my inbox saying, “Hey, just checking on you!”

If you were truly happy with your life and the decision you made you wouldn’t give to fucks about checking up on me. If you cared about me so much you would leave me alone for good, allowing me to forget about you and all the pain you caused me.

You wouldn’t be so concerned about following me on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even played out Facebook, just to see if I have moved on with a real man.

Sir, worry about why you aren’t moving on.

Exes can’t be friends when one person still has an ounce of love for the other person, those feelings will always trump the friendship part of it. How can one break up with some one, leave them high and dry and then say “hey just checking on you” as if we were old friends who didn’t share a 2 year relationship together?

Things do not work that way and all I ask is that you leave me alone and let me be.

After all that is what you wanted.