Don’t Be An Option, Be The Only Choice


You don’t deserve a person when he is treating you like an option. Even if that person makes you happy and gives you everything that you need or even if he satisfies you sexually. However, if there are other ‘yous’ in the equation, it won’t work.

1+1 is not equal to 3 or 4 or 5. If a person really wants you or says that he loves you, he will be loyal and faithful and fight through every temptation that he could get just to not hurt you. I don’t know before that there are people that can love and fool around at the same time but hell there is; lots of them. So be cautious and if ever you spot one, leave; while you still can.

The person you thought you knew is a great controller, he will tell you everything that you want to hear just for you to stay and realise that he is the one for you. Even accepting the flaws in the relationship that there are more than 2 of you in the relationship. The classic line of “We’re just friends”; if you hear that from your partner, do yourself a favor and leave. My point is don’t wait until you don’t have the courage or energy to leave the person. Don’t be stuck.

If you ever think you won’t find another person in the world that will love you just the way he  did. Maybe you’re right. Because true love entails trust, understanding and faithfulness and in that kind of relationship there is only fake happiness, toxic arguments and unequal efforts to love. There is no trust because if there is, he should be sure of you and no one on the side. There is no faithfulness because you should be the only one. Understanding is not exercised because the fact that he has other options, he does not care on how you will feel about that situation. He only thinks of himself which leads me to my second point that no one deserves to be with a person who is selfish.

You deserve so much better. You are only fooling yourself that you can get genuine happiness in that toxic relationship you put yourself into. You are as equal and as important as he is, so you should realise your worth that you should never be treated like an option and always a choice; the only choice.