Don’t Be Afraid To Fail Again


Ever since that day, the taste of disappointment lingers on.

One mistake and you were sent to the ‘failure zone’. It could be failing the tasks that you were expected to do. Just like students failing their examinations, like employees losing jobs or any circumstances that involved any mistakes. You start to ask yourself the reasons for your failures and you slowly sink into multiple resentments towards people around you or even yourself. You kept yourself locked up in the room, reflecting on what happened.

You start to doubt your worth, your capabilities or probably even something you have worked hard for years.

All of this happened just because you did not reach the expectations you have for yourself or what people have for you.

You can continue to harp on the same issues over and over again. But know that, one does not laugh at the same joke every time it is being said. Know that one failure or a past filled with mistakes does not define you. Mistakes and failures are the ones that bring you steps closer to success because when we fail, we learn from where we fall.

Life is full of ups and downs and one of the most beautiful creations that humans have are second chances.

All of us are not perfect, we make mistakes but we learn from it. Do not be ashamed of what you have lost. Ask yourself what you have gained from it. Take your time to accept, then pick yourself up from where you fell. Learn and improve.

Do not give up because you are worth so much more than that. Do not be afraid of failing again because the moment you take up the courage to start again, you have already won the battle.

Embrace your past, my friend and let’s embark on a new journey to the future.