Don’t Be Afraid Of A Broken Heart


I had my heart broken again, yesterday.

I had my heart broken last, back in January 30th of this year. So, just about 11 months ago.

Now, I’m not afraid of having my heart broken. I got through the first one in 60 hours. I got through this one in 12. (Hmmm – I just noticed that that’s about 12 hours a year according to the length of each of those romances.)

I know I may sound heartless or cold-hearted . . . but remember, time is an illusion.

So, I could, in fact, get through this stuff in literally no time at all. And that is my goal – to reach an understanding of Infinite Intelligence so intimate that I am always at one with it and do not have to suffer at all, but am always at peace.

There are two keys: one is accepting that my thoughts create my perception – my thoughts are not reality. And the other is accepting that everything in the world is for the purpose of my own best interests.

This reminds me of the three of swords in the tarot.

The suit of swords represents the intellect – thoughts. Notice how, on this card, the swords are piercing the heart but the heart remains vibrant. These swords are mere perception. They do not in reality harm the heart.

My thoughts about my romance are what makes my heart hurt – nothing else. Not the other person.

And, everything in the world is for the purpose of my best interests. In accepting this, all of a sudden, my thoughts change, my perception changes, and my feelings change.

I am through it. And I can even be grateful.

Knowing all of THAT means that I don’t have to be afraid of a broken heart….. this romance that I experienced over the last year would not have happened had I been afraid. I would have missed out on the pleasure and the spiritual growth it brought me.

Jump in, everyone! Do not be afraid to love. Do not be afraid to leave peacefully.