Dumpster Divers: Living Off America’s Waste


It turns out grocery stores throw away tons of food. However, if you’ve ever worked at any slave wage grocery job, you already knew that. Either way, there’s a new documentary out called Dive! that looks at all the wasted food and those who seek to reclaim it from America’s dumpsters. It’s worthy subject matter, even though the dumpster steaks served at a wedding shower would not exactly be my preference.

In high school I used to go dumpster diving with friends, mainly at an Entenmann’s outlet in suburban Pittsburgh. Every Wednesday night, hundreds of boxes of factory-sealed donuts and cakes were left in a pair of green dumpsters. We would load up the trunk of our car while bullshitting with two old guys that were regular divers. We never took all that much, but it was always impossible to eat all the junk food we salvaged.

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Image via / crossposted