Do Yourself A Favor And Stop Allowing Almost Relationships



There are currently 2 billion people using online dating apps, it’s a fast growing multi billion industry. Everyday a new app is being introduced for niche markets, if you love beards, uniforms, older , younger, bald, fat thin, country lover, exotic dancing, whatever “your thing “is there will be an app for it.

So with all these apps at our fingertips, what are your chances of finding love? Not sex, we all know that is more accessible to everyone more than it ever has been before, here lies the popularity of Tinder, which was created to avoid all those long drawn out form filling and writing profiles that not a lot of people read, and then the endless stream of emails , back & forth. Tinder created the visual aspect, the appeal that someone could really catch your eye, with the promise” could they really look like that in real life?”

Men holding a fish in their hands or in Lycra on a bike (or worse in their leathers straddling a beast of a bike), stood in front of a car, boat or plane. It has no appeal, but every picture tells a story.

As the women pout and smile cradling their cats, or sitting on the bed with their dogs. These are people’s lives , and yes regardless of how long ago those pictures were taken, these 2 billion people are all clambering to be chosen ” for a date”,and for most something much more meaningful than just sex, and some just to pass the time.

But sadly, the need for instant results is getting many into “situationships” more than friends with benefits, but less than an official relationship.

I want you, but I am choosing to keep my options open by talking to others whilst with you, I want you, but I like keeping my ex on the back burner in case things don’t work out with you, I want you, but I am not prepared to give you complete transparency, I want you, but you have no need to be part of my family or life. I want you, but I’m not completely sure about you.

I want you, but only as housemate, lodger or convenience. I like spending time with you, but I am not sure, I would like to see you more often but I’m super busy right now with my divorce, moving or looking for Work. I want… ?..

The truth is 2 billion people online right now not knowing what they want, think they do, then they don’t, why? Because the options are too great, what if I had dated that cute girl that still texts me from time to time, the one that I went on a date with a year ago… or the guy that was so nice but had just broken up with his girlfriend and wasn’t ready, maybe he is now I will text him. …. and these lists of thoughts are continually going through people’s minds, because the grass seems greener and these people all on the periphery being encouraged to interfere & redefining “relationships” into “situationships”

Dating with authenticity is about choice and boundaries, to have a fulfilling and meaningful relationships is all about being vulnerable, not having any other options, not having anyone on the back burner, deleting contacts and people that play a significant role to the past, and being honest, these are given standard things that people should want to do if they are genuine in their search.

To find the one, you have to be the one, if you find yourself in a “situation ship”, that you are not happy with, ask yourself this question… Why do you allow it?