Dem. Congressional Candidate Announces Plans To Use Reddit to Govern if Elected, Uses “Lol”


Last night, Virginia democratic congressional candidate Dr. Wynn LeGrow announced (via advisor and Vanity Fair contributor Barrett Brown) on Reddit that if he’s elected, he’ll create a Reddit forum that his aides will monitor for suggested legislation and input.

The full title of his announcement thread is “IAmA Democratic congressional candidate for Virginia’s 4th district and an atheist; my opponent, founder of the Prayer Congress, won’t debate me. If elected, I’ll create a sub-reddit and have my aides monitor it for suggested legislation and input in general.”

And it’s currently the #2 thread on Reddit’s “Top Scoring” page. In the thread itself, Brown encourages Redditors to reply with any questions they have. Brown ensures Redditors that he’s convinced LeGrow to answer as many of them as he can in a future Reddit post.

And LeGrow (via Barrett Brown) is already of to an… interesting start. So far, LeGrow/Brown has already called his opponent, Randy Forbes, an incompetent coward, called a commenter and the entire city of Dallas “dumb,” said “lol,”, and responded, when asked where his campaign money comes from, “In our case, it comes from nowhere.” Strange?

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