Dear God, Without You I Am Nothing


Dear God,

My heart longs to thank You for everything You’ve given me. Thank You for giving me the strength to surpass all the obstacles that led me to this current day. For listening to my cries and consoling my unsettled heart, for showing me that good things are always ahead. I see You everywhere around me – in the bristling leaves falling from the swaying trees as I walk along the pathways, in the magnificent skyline dipped in hues of orange and blue, in the heart-warming smiles from the people who walk pass me – there’s never an end to Your ever-flowing Grace. In my eyes, Your beauty spreads throughout the universe, not missing a single spot.

You are the goodness in people, You are the compassion embedded in our nature, You are Light that shines within us.

Everything that I am and will be, is only because of You. I am Your instrument, I play the melodies of life according to Your rhythm. My faith in You is the only thing keeping me together – without that, I am nothing.

Without You, I am nothing.

Thank You for surrounding me with people full of love and kindness and for taking care of me, through them. Thank You for giving me my family, my friends, for all those dearest to my heart. Thank You for showing me how to love them unconditionally and selflessly; I promise You I’m still trying and I won’t ever give up. Your strength is all I need to get there.

Thank You for the people whom I have yet to meet in my life, I know they will grow with me through all the currents and tides in the future. You held my hand tight through the rockiest of waves, the darkest of storms and the brightest of sunrises. I never knew I’d get through the dark times, I never imagined living to see a day where everything would be alright again – where I could smile, take a deep breath, and tell myself I pulled through. The journey here was a rough and unpredictable one, but I’m eternally grateful I have You by my side the whole time.

You are the notes of encouragement, the kind words, the laughter and the gifts I get from those around me. You are always here with me, and I should never doubt that, despite all the emotional turmoils and rollercoasters. Thank You for sending me the tough challenges and difficulties I faced along the way, because without them, I would never have grown the way I have.

I am thankful for all the good and bad situations in life, thank You for showing me that there is always a Divine Message in both.

Thank You for making me passionate about what I believe in, for giving me my voice and my words to express my inner self. When my mind thinks too much and puts me in misery and pain, thank You for being the calmness I feel in my heart and the voice inside telling me everything’s going to be alright. Thank You for reminding me I have nothing to worry about, because You’re here with me.

I always trust in Your plan because I know it’s the best path my life can possibly take.

Thank You for always being my refuge, my guidance, for being the first I share anything with, and for loving me. No amount of words can ever express my immense gratitude for everything and everyone You’ve given me. Your Grace has completely filled my life with everlasting joy and endless goodness – I surrender it all to You.