Dear Future Son, Here Are 20 Things I Want You To Always Remember


Dear Son, here is what I want you to know:

1. The world is actually how you choose it to be. All I ask of you is to be positive in all that you do.

2. Take care of the beautiful heart that will one day be given to you by a girl you love. Care for it, genuinely. Let it thrive in your love and care. Let it never lack, nor want any more than what it has.

3. Let the girl you love always know how much you cherish her, how much you appreciate her. Let her know each and everyday how beautiful she is. Don’t be tired of reminding her how special she is.

4. Go slow with love, don’t rush it.

5. Take care of those beautiful kids that you will have as a result of the love between both of you. Raise them better than I raised you. Always let them know how much you love and care for them. Give them the best life. Teach them how to be humble, teach them how to care for one another, and how to love one another. Let them always be proud of who they are.

6. Know that life won’t be fair, or at least that’s how we always think. The worst possible thing to do at the moment you deem life to be unfair is to complain. Nothing will come easy in life. The hurdles will be there, but the difference between winning and losing to a problem is only on how and what you will do about the situation. Find the power within and work through that which proves to be an issue.

7. Know that there will be times when life will throw it’s best at you. You will feel helpless and unworthy. You will hurt in the most unexplainable of ways; you will feel like giving up all that you worked hard for. It won’t be easy. Without courage and determination to keep you going, without a source of empowerment, without finding your power from within, nothing will ever come through. So son, find your power in the midst of the wildest storms that will come your way. Find your source of encouragement whenever you feel low, work with that which life gives you and make the most out of that which hits you. Pick yourself whenever it hits too hard and you find yourself on the ground.

8. Wipe the dust off of you, pick up from wherever it is you left.

9. Remember that the world is quite a funny place. It’s important son that you be yourself. Be your own drive in the midst of pressure and temptation. Don’t let the culture of the world wipe away that which you stand for. Don’t let society do away with your principles, nor your dignity. Overcoming the temptations and pressure won’t be easy, but believe and trust in yourself and you will overcome.

10. Understand that the world is not the problem, rather the people who live in it are. Without the mercies and empowerment from the almighty, a clear guideline in life, you might end up failing yourself and others in ways you never experienced to. So be firm in the almighty, let Him guide you through his paths.

11. Love your friends. Love the ones who stick with you through the toughest of times, who offer assistance even before you ask. Son, don’t let your anger or pride get the best of you, or you will lose the one thing you should treasure the most: friendships. If there is one thing that’s worth keeping, that would be friendships. Stick with friends, let them be your source of joy and happiness whenever you are down; appreciate them for even the smallest of things they do for you.

12. Remember that it’s in the smallest of things that great satisfaction is found.

13. Know that sworn enemies of yours will always be present. They are a sign that you have stood up for something in life.

14. Being unique is important. Let no soul pull you back.

15. Remember that the choices you make in your day to day life, no matter how tiny they seem, always have a way and an influence in your life. There are no shortcuts, especially in decision-making. Take your time, Son. Ponder, even the smallest of things, and with a clear mind, you will bring forth a much better result.

16. Know that the biggest mistake that you can ever do in life is to have regrets. Son, it’s our nature as humans to always make mistakes. Don’t reprimand yourself whenever you regret something you did. Never wish for another shot to do things differently, rather aim for a much better result if another opportunity presents itself. Do everything wholeheartedly and indeed you will be satisfied with that which you have done.

17. Understand that success is something that we all dream of. So never settle for less. Work, not hard, but smart to get to where you want to be. There is no shortcut to success. Persevere through all the pain and the disappointments, and remember to always push on until you actualize your dreams.

18. Don’t forget that discipline is one of the key factors that will help propel you to where you would like to be. Remember, Son, success is not only having money and living an expensive life; success is also in transforming other peoples’ lives.

19. Aim to bring light to someone else’s life. Be a ray of hope to them, and then, you will have truly succeeded in life.

20. Son, live a life of self worth and appreciation. Don’t look down upon any soul.