Dear Almost Lover


Come back to bed
Where we grew closer and closer
Drunk on liquor and passion
You needed me, I needed you
You would kiss my neck like a bird perched on a porch
I tugged your shirt off
We let go of everything
My dreams made you scared
Your dreams were a mystery

Come back to me
Where we can hold each other
Drunk on silk sheets and stale air
You needed someone, I needed you
You would hold my hand like it was a diamond
I cradled your face near mine
We didn’t talk about anything
My dreams were broken
Your dreams were never me

Come back to this
Where we can be one
Drunk on damp skin and soft lips
You needed something, I needed you
You grabbed my waist like it was the last bottle on the shelf
I slid my hands down your back
We got lost in the darkness of my room
My dreams were nothing
Your dreams will never be me.