Date The Girl Who You Never Knew Was Your Type


Date the girl that takes you by surprise. The beauty that makes you freeze in your tracks, the girl with the smile that makes you double take. Whether it’s someone you happened to randomly cross paths with or it’s someone you’ve known forever, date the girl the light decided to shine differently on.

Date the girl whose opinions make you rethink your own. It doesn’t matter if you end up changing your mind or you remain steadfast in your original assumptions, what matters is she got you to listen. Date the girl who makes you simultaneously want to talk and listen. In our 20s we realize that there aren’t much people who have this effect on us.

Date the girl who catches you off guard. Whether it’s by mouthing the lines of your favorite obscure movie, being able to differentiate between a lay up and a jump shot, or instinctively knowing whether to give you a pep talk or a cold bottle of beer. Date the girl who has the uncanny ability to curl your lips into an amused smile.

Date the girl that brings music to your life. Whether it’s remembering your favorite song in her, or wishing she was beside you as the guitar riff begins. Or not, if music isn’t your thing. Maybe it’s verses of prose, a combination of ingredients, or even colors of paint. Date someone who enhances the passions you have in life.

Date the girl who is exactly your type, heck, date the girl who you never knew was your type. Date the girl you honest to goodness enjoy spending time with. Date the girl that can bring out your biggest laugh. Never mind if it’s over something corny or geeky or something as petty as a well-executed silly face.

Date the girl. Period. Because she’s not just a girl that reads or travels or teaches or does yoga, she’s the girl that made you tilt your head and consider “maybe”.  Ask her out and life might surprise you with the greatest “definitely.”

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