Date Someone Who Was Born On May 29


Date someone who was born on May 29 because they are spring babies. They were born during the season of sunshine, the season of growth and blossoming beauty, which makes them more optimistic. When their world tailspins in the wrong direction, they find a way to fix what has become broken. They are not the kind of person to mope about their suffering for months on end without putting in effort to change their fate. They take control of their destiny. They believe they are the leaders of their own life. If you decide to date them, they will give you reasons to look forward to tomorrow, even when you are convinced the world is ending. They will be the rock you can lean on, the wave that will push you back onto your feet.

Date someone who was born on May 29 because Geminis do not get enough credit. People consider them fickle, inconsistent, unable to make up their minds about the simplest decision. But the truth is they are curious. They have trouble deciding which career paths they want to pursue and where they want to grab dinner with friends, because they want to do everything and see everything. They want to experience as much of the world as possible. That is why they get along with everyone. They can easily step into other people’s shoes and see where they are coming from. They have an understanding of their fellow humans in a way that is rare to find.

Date someone who was born on May 29 because they are an air sign. That means they are objective. They are logical. They are able to look at a situation without becoming emotionally involved. Although they are soft at their core, they think with their heads instead of with their hearts. They pride themselves on making the right decision instead of going with their gut on a whim. They will think things through before jumping into a committed relationship. If they decide to take a chance on you, you can trust they are serious about making your love story last, despite how fickle they may seem at first glance. If they say you mean a lot to them, they are not going anywhere.

Date someone who was born on May 29 because their birthstone is Agate, which signifies softness, clarity, and comfort. When you spend time with someone born on this day, you will feel at ease, because they are not going to judge you. They do not expect you to conform with their opinions or agree with everything they say. In fact, they celebrate differences. They prefer unique personalities, because they hate routine. Predictability bores them. They would rather be kept on alert, on their toes, because that is when they feel the most alive.

Date someone who was born on May 29 because some of the most beautiful, creative minds were brought into this world on that day. Bob Hope. Laverne Cox. Noel Gallagher. Mel B. They each changed the world in their own ways — and anyone born on May 29 could accomplish the same thing. They could be the best thing that ever happened to you.