Date Someone Who Makes That Time Of The Month Easier On You


Date someone who will keep his bathroom stocked with pads and tampons, because he’s manly enough to walk up to a cashier with feminine products in his hands.

Date someone who will lounge around with you all day long, because he knows that the tampon commercials with women bouncing around in white tennis gear are bullshit and that you need your rest.

Date someone who will let you eat his half of a chocolate bar or the last slice of pizza, because he knows that you deserve a treat for putting up with all the BS that being a woman entails.

Date someone who has a never-ending supply of Advil ready for you, because he doesn’t want you to be in any more pain than you have to be.

Date someone who doesn’t expect your period week to be blowjob week, since there isn’t a special cunnalingus week dedicated in your honor.

Date someone who will massage your back and rub your feet to make your backaches and cramps feel a little more bearable.

Date someone will remind you of how beautiful you are, even when you feel bloated AF.

Date someone who will cuddle you at the end of the night and leave innocent little kisses against your skin, because he wants you to feel loved when you’re at your lowest.

Date someone who will let you borrow his pajama pants when you end up staining your jeans.

Date someone who will hand you a tissue whenever that damn Sarah Mclachlan commercial comes on and the tears start streaming down your face.

Date someone who will watch the movie you picked, even though it’s clearly a horrible choice, because he wants to see a smile on your face again.

Date someone who doesn’t get pissed off when you shout at him about something completely ridiculous, because he knows that it’s just your hormones and you didn’t actually mean to be a bitch.

Date someone who doesn’t complain about how horny he is and how he wishes he could fuck you, like getting your period is actually your fault.

Date someone who actually will fuck you, even though he might get a little bit of blood on him.

Date someone who’s not totally ignorant and actually understands what a period entails and how long it typically lasts.

Date someone who will start a bath for you, because he knows that the water will be able to soothe your cramps in a way that he never could.

Date someone who will offer to do your half of the chores when it’s clear that your headache is absolutely killing you.

Date someone who will learn how to remove period stains, so you’re not the only one stuck doing the laundry during that time of the month.

Date someone who will go down on you as soon as your period ends, because he genuinly appreciates all the blowjobs you gave him throughout the week, and wants to return the favor.

Date someone who will make that time of the month feel just as special as the rest of the month, because his love balances out your period pains .