Date A Person Who Loves Halloween As Passionately As You Do


Date someone who will snuggle with you on the couch while you watch horror movies. Someone who will laugh every time that a jump scare catches you off guard. Someone who will hold you extra tight as you fall asleep that night, just in case you have nightmares.

Date someone who won’t mind it when you decorate the entire house for Halloween. When you cover the lawn with gravestones and skeletons. When you fill the living room with spiders and cobwebs and pumpkins the second that September ends and October begins.

Date someone who will walk through a pumpkin patch with you to help you find the perfect one. Someone who will spread newspaper across the floor after you arrive home so that you can carve your designs. Someone who will display your work on their front porch, even if it looks like a complete mess.

Date someone who will hold your hand while you walk through a haunted house. Someone who will make you feel a little less scared as you walk through the darkened halls. Someone who won’t complain when you end up screaming in their ear without warning anyway.

Date someone who won’t judge you for all of the snack-sized candy bars and candy corn you snack on, even though you’re supposed to be saving it for the trick-or-treaters. Someone who will pick up extra snacks from the store without being asked when you run out again, because they know how much you love it.

Date someone who will listen to the Devil Went Down To Georgia and Monster Mash on repeat for the entire month. Someone who will be happy to watch Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown, even though you’re technically too old for them. Someone who understands your obsession with Halloween — because they have the same obsession themselves.

Date someone who will head to the arts and crafts store with you to help you create custom costumes. Someone who won’t fight you on your decision when you ask them to wear a couple’s costume from a show or a movie that you both love. Someone who is eager to dress up and take posed pictures with you to post on Instagram.

Date someone who will tell you how cute you look when you get excited about the children knocking at the door. Someone who will make you feel butterflies when you see them interacting with the children. But also someone who will complain about the brats who forget to say thank you and egg every house without candy.

Date someone who will walk through corn mazes with you. Who will take hay rides with you. Who will buy you candy apples and pumpkin bagels to share. Who will walk through the Halloween section of stores with you, even if you don’t plan on actually buying anything.

Date someone who will turn Halloween into one of your favorite holidays (if it wasn’t already). Someone who makes it a day that you look forward to all year long.