Date A Mad Girl


She’s absolutely fucking insane. She has different personalities and lives life with her heart on her sleeve. Her creativity is abundant and to box her into the categories so neatly laid out by society and your mind is to do her and yourself a disservice. She is constantly on the brink of madness and genius but is hyper-sensitive to everything in between. She understands the inner darkness of your mind and heart, holds your head when the world is heavy and her hands are made of a clay the universe moulded especially to have and hold the load put on them. Her tenderness is sweet and never fleeting and her courage is boundless.

She is often questioning her purpose in life and loves in the most frightening and contagious way. It’s too much at times but once exposed to, cannot be compared to anything you’ve ever known. She is scary and makes you face the ugliest parts of yourself and compliments it with the ugly she brings herself. Her demons show up and she plays with them, invites them to dinner but is consciously battling them at the same time. It’s painful to watch but she usually wins to live another day, even if she loses. She rises to the occasion and supports the world you live in, designs her own and understands the dynamics of both. She knows every chord to play and allows you to sing a song that beats to a rhythm you didn’t think was possible.

Her heart strings are endless, her brain on fire and her hair a mess of a mane that engulfs her face, swallowing up every feature but oh her smile. Wide and that of the moon when shining bright and whole in the sky. Her thighs are thick and unevenly distributed with light and dark, patches of the lineage and ancestors before her. Her back is strong and her legs always intertwined in a journey.

If you are lucky enough to come across a creature, you will be afraid. Other girls will entice you because of the safety net they provide and the lightness of their flutteriness. They’ll tempt you to go astray if you are full of ego, as they stroke every part of it. She is a champion, a beast, a force of nature and a whisky drinking child of the universe that’ll make you question every fucking thing you’ve ever known. You will be forced to enter the caves of your lonely world and at the end of it you will find she’s been there all along.

A queen.

Featured image – Shutterstock