Darling — You Were Born Spitting Ink


To be a good writer
you must write every day
I hear from across the hot springs
I know so many good writers who could be better
if they just wrote everyday
they would be incredible
but they lack diligence
I roll my eyes
cock my eyebrows
it’s the bullshit
no pain no gain
I’m the laziest mother fucking poet I know
jack ass
sometimes I don’t write for weeks
and then I write 15 poems in a day
I wipe my ass with dip shits like you
more rules
I’m a writer so I don’t have to play by the rules
and here you are setting rules for when I should write
if I should put a suit on
on a Monday
and go sit in another area of my house
and work till 5
like the hopeless sucks who wish to be artists
but are too afraid to walk away from the pay cheque
and tell their red faced boss
to shove his emails up his ass
and then at 5
I punch out my imaginary card
take my suit off
and go “home”
this guys masturbating off Stephen Kings book
on writing
you must sit at a desk from 9-5
blah blah bullshit
write anywhere you wanna fucking write
if you want to stay up till 4 am
and sleep till midday
and write poems with morning breath
as you drink coffee at 2pm
on an empty stomach
that hasn’t seen anything but the inside of a whiskey bottle
be my guest
I grab my towel
are not doing the world
any favors
by sitting and telling its artists
how they can and cannot create
you wanna be a fucking writer?
a brilliant one?
piss on the piss heads who have opinions like this guy
and every other moron
who writes books
and tries to teach you how to do what you were born to do
if you’re indeed a writer
you were born from the womb spitting ink
you came forth crying prose at the injustice of this world
when you walk, words will fall effortlessly
without command
like your eyes remembering to blink
without you telling them it is their job they were created to do
if you are indeed a writer your tongue shall caresses the sorrows of the earth
and when you speak
the world listens
darling born by ink
you may create any fucking way you wish.