Couples That Play Together Stay Together


For ten years I have been in a relationship with Corinne. My wife. The mother of my two children. Finally, this is what I was told at the mat. Our couple started the game, we met when I was looking for a monitor for my RPG camp in Ard├Ęche. And our relationship has always evolved around the game. Event organization. Role-playing games. Board games.

Ten years. Does the game there would (also) for something? Do couples who play together have more likely to stay together?

1. Pleasure

Sharing games means sharing moments. Fun. The game makes you happy. It’s proven. We laugh. We spend pleasant moments. Calm down. Even in complex games Hard Fun . It eliminates stress. Daily. Children. Work. Diverse and varied head of the catch.

So delightful moments. Extraordinary. Extraordinary precisely. Who out of the ordinary. This regular beating down, sometimes. The couple takes advantage of these playful moments to revitalize. Take positive energies. Does the younger set?

2. Sharing

Playing is shared. Time. Joys. Friends. Even if sometimes in a game we remain locked in his head to think about strategies, we are still sitting at the table. Together. And not only in front of it. Computer. Of TV. Smartphone. A screen that captivates. It departs. It cuts its environment. People.

A game board, cards, role, it unites, since reflected together on the same equipment on the same shelf. And we look. And we grazes. Sharing moments.

Board games are a whole world. Blogs. The lounges. Outputs. The award ceremonies. A whole world can become a hobby. A passion. It’s beautiful, in a couple, sharing a passion.

3. Company

To play the games, it is better to be more than two. So yes, the two games are also very good. But in addition, the experience becomes even more intense. Funnier. And meet others is an opening. To others. To the world. An opening. A breath of fresh air. And not a closure. Who could possibly end up suffocating the pair (no, wise guys, I’m not here advocating swingers …).

How do you feel, as a couple, when you spend an evening with friends? Invigorated?

So yes. Perhaps. Couples who play together stay together.

And what if your significant other does not play?

Does your partner/wife/husband not like to play? Did you ever wonder why? Bad memories as a child? Uphill party with grandma on rainy Sundays? A bad loser and irascible uncle?

Most of the time, people refuse to play for fear of not being able. To understand the rules. To win. Follow the game. Oops, I should have clarified. Adults, not people. The children are playing. Adults hesitate. Like me, you’ve all heard the worst excuses for people who do not want to play. A player who said he did not love the games is a player who has not yet found his game. To say we do not like to play, is to say we do not like breathing. Or we do not like to eat. Or we do not love … love. Play is proper to man. As laughter. Like love.

How to bring your partner to enjoy playing?

Already, offer to several types of games. And there. Atmosphere games, funny, loud. Family games, light. Trading games, argument (also called ” bastards games “). Rich games, complex, profound. Role playing. Once you have made the rounds of all the different types of games, now go to different types of mechanical. Not all of course, since ‘ there are really a lot . The most “common”. Those who return often. Zeitgeist. Deckbuilding. Draft. Dice. Bluff.

Not yet? Your better half continues to say that he or she still does not like to play?

Go now to the different game modes. Competitive against other playing together. Cooperative, we play together against the game. Semi-cooperative, a player plays against all the others. Per team.

Not yet? Your better half continues to say that he or she still does not like to play?

Change material. Games with cards. Games with figurines. Games with small wooden cubes.

Not yet? Your better half continues to say that he or she still does not like to play?

Then we have the ultimate weapon for you. Select “sexy” topics that go talk to him, please him. According to his tastes. Literary. Film. To make him want to play. The medieval fantasy. Contemporary. SF. Fantastic. Historical themes. Animal. Or abstract?

Not yet? Your better half continues to say that he or she still does not like to play?

You have reviewed the different types, different major mechanical modes and finally the themes? And your significant still does not seem “hanging”?

Action reaction. A force to push the other, there may be a backlash. By contradiction? By need to assert their own identity? Often, one can discover the game by other people. I also know couples who do not play together, but playing with other people, separately. As if the game, often competitive, could taint the couple. Because in a game we often play to win. Not necessarily a good pair of attitude.

If you think you have tried everything to get the other to play, in vain, that’s not a reason to leave. The game will be a part of your “secret garden”, your personal activities separate. Also necessary for the health of a couple. You probably already share many other activities.