Could Cosmetic Acupuncture Be The New All-Natural Botox?


There just may be an alternative to plastic surgery and injectables after all!

I support “upkeep,” intensive skincare, and taking care of yourself. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and attempt to slow down the aging process. However, I believe in natural beauty and looking unique. In today’s day and age, everybody looks like a different version of the same. Instead of trying to be the next Kardashian, we can now embrace new techniques to accentuate and preserve our own natural beauty.

Dr. Jamie Lyn Rezoski, ND has been preaching the natural magic of cosmetic acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture is a modern procedure to achieve that youthful glow and has been dubbed as the “all-natural botox.” You may have heard of it after the Victoria’s Secret Angels started raving about it as their favorite facial! I have recently received these cosmetic acupuncture sessions by Dr. Rezoski herself and the results have been thus far life-changing. Here is our interview to give you more details on this procedure.

Q: What exactly is Facial Acupuncture?

Dr. R: The insertion of tiny needles into the face to cosmetically rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. Needle placement is chosen based on Traditional Chinese Medicine points, into over-expressed facial muscles, wrinkles and areas of congestion.

Q: How does it work?

Dr. R: I call it a “freeze & fill” type of action. Freeze the muscles & fill in the areas that have lost collagen. Acupuncture needles relax the facial muscles to sculpt and lift the face as it stimulates and moves Qi (the body’s vital energy). Acupuncture needles cause micro-traumas within the dermis which signals for wound-healing. Our bodies’ natural wound-healing response recruits collagen, elastin and oxygenated blood flow in order to repair these micro- traumas. The result: diminished appearance of fine lines.

Q: What type of needles are used?

Dr. R: The acupuncture needles for the face are super thin, sometimes even requiring tweezers for insertion. The needles that I use are wrapped in silicone for an extra easy glide.

Q: Is it painful?

Dr. R: No! The needles are tapped in so quick that your pain receptors don’t even have time to process what’s happening. Sometimes my patients get a dull, achey pain in tense muscles like on the forehead and jaw. After a few minutes, the muscles start to relax around the needle and you should barely feel anything. The treatment is supposed to be ultra relaxing and some people even fall asleep during the treatment!

Q: Why do you use light therapy conjunctively?

Dr. R: I was at a conference in Las Vegas where one booth was promoting cosmetic acupuncture, and one booth was demonstrating red light therapy. As I was watching both of these awesome age-defying therapies, I thought why not do them together? Now, red light therapy is always incorporated into my acupuncture sessions. Red light therapy is known to reduce inflammation, promote collagen regeneration, heal acne and brighten skin tone.

Q: Who should get facial acupuncture?

Dr. R: Anyone noticing signs of aging, dull and tired-looking skin. Cosmetic acupuncture is not only a great alternative to botox. Facial acupuncture can help with acne, eczema, rosacea, scars, dryness, etc. In other words, anyone who wants to look like they just had the best sleep of their life should try it!

Q: How many cosmetic acupuncture sessions do you need to see results?

Dr. R: I usually suggest around 5-10 biweekly or monthly sessions to reduce the appearance of fine lines and aging. The timeline changes from person to person. In order to heal your skin, you need to focus on healing from the inside out. This includes addressing hormonal imbalances, gut health, nutrient deficiencies, diet and lifestyle habits always come first. Cosmetic acupuncture is used on top of these foundations to speed up the healing process and help you to look fresh-faced faster. When a patient comes to me with a skin problem, we work on the root cause as primary treatment and then we add cosmetic acupuncture sessions as secondary treatment.

Q: Do you think Cosmetic Acupuncture is a better anti-aging alternative than Botox?

I had a dermatologist tell me at age 23 that I should consider “preventative botox.” I decided to do some research before. Turns out, we really don’t have many long-term studies on botox. We are starting to see some medical studies showing botox (botulinum toxin) in the face causing degradation of the facial bones as a side effect. You won’t see this type of side effect with cosmetic acupuncture.

With this being said, one advantage is that acupuncture is a much safer and more natural way to preserve your youth. Even though cosmetic acupuncture is a new trend, it’s been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years.

Another advantage would be cost. You can buy 4-5 cosmetic facial acupuncture sessions for the same price as 1 syringe of botox.

Q: Are there any disadvantages?

It takes longer to see results with cosmetic acupuncture than with botox. Botox gives an instant result- the paralysis of muscle. With acupuncture, your face is healing and tightening using its own natural powers. Also, there is more frequency needed. Cosmetic acupuncture sessions need to be biweekly or monthly whereas one botox session lasts about 6 months.

Q: What are the side effects to Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Some minor bleeding and bruising can occur after needles are removed. At the end of the session, I like to incorporate lymphatic drainage techniques to reduce possible bruising and calm swelling.

Q: Tips for your first cosmetic acupuncture session?

Avoid alcohol and blood thinners a few days before your session to minimize bruising. Consult your ND or MD before receiving acupuncture if you are pregnant or have blood pressure issues.