Complete These 24 Tasks In The Next 24 Hours To Feel Like You Finally Have Your Shit Together


1. Clear out your inbox. Answer whatever emails you’ve been putting off and delete the ones that are sitting there, taking up space.

2. Read an article from an actual newspaper, or at least from a legitimate website. Try something political or economical. Anything except a recap of the MTV movie awards.

3. Go to the store to pick up the items you never think to buy, even though they’re listed in every cookbook. Items like apple cider vinegar and baking soda and olive oil.

4. Grab a calendar, or pull up a document on your computer, and create a list of all of the things you want to get done this week. Then separate the tasks into different days, so that everything seems more manageable.

5. Hang up the clothes that are thrown in the corner of your room or draped over your chair. If you have the time, organize your closet, so you don’t have to tear the room apart whenever you want a certain pair of pants.

6. If you don’t have time to clean out your entire apartment, or even your room, then at least clear off your desk so you have a tidy place to work.

7. While you’re stuck in cleaning mode, open up your fridge and toss out everything that’s past its expiration date.

8. Go online to check on your phone bill, your cable bill, and your car insurance. Make sure you didn’t forget to pay any important bills.

9. Take your dog for a walk. If you don’t have a dog, then take that walk all on your own. A little bit of exercise won’t kill you.

10. Text the friends you keep forgetting to contact. And if you haven’t spoken to your parents or grandparents in a while, actually dial their number to speak to them.

11. If you haven’t been to the dentist in over a year, make an appointment. If your roots are starting to show, call your hair salon. Don’t let yourself procrastinate for any longer.

12. Eat three meals for a change. Don’t forget about breakfast today.

13. Pick up the book you’ve had sitting on your shelf for months and start reading it.

14. It’s okay to be a little lazy. Scroll through the shows you have recorded on your DVR and watch whatever is left.

15. If you’re unemployed, send out job applications, look up practice interview questions, or work on your cover letter.

16. See if you can go the entire day without giving into your bad habit, whether it’s smoking, drinking coffee, or cracking your knuckles.

17. Drink water. Then drink more water. Your skin will thank you.

18. Get to bed so early that you’ll actually be able to sleep for eight hours straight.

19. Unsubscribe from the annoying newsletters that are clogging up your inbox.

20. Delete your time-wasting apps. The ones you always get stuck playing when you should be working.

21. If you’re a lady, clear out your purse. You don’t need those receipts to keep piling up at the bottom of your bag, and you’re never going to eat that granola bar that you tossed inside two months ago.

22. And throw out the mascara that you’ve been using for the last six months. It’s time to buy a replacement.

23. Masturbate. Nothing clears your mind faster than an orgasm.

24. Wear matching underwear. Even if no one else sees it, you’ll feel like you finally have your shit together.