Almost Everything You Need To Know About the Charlie Sheen and Capri Anderson Scandal


Did Charlie Sheen Lock a Naked Hooker in His Closet?

Not exactly. NYPD, however, did find 22-year-old porn actresses, Capri Anderson, barricaded in Sheen’s hotel bathroom on October 26, 2010 at the Plaza Hotel around 2:00am. Whether or not the police found her naked seems to be a matter of speculation. reports via she was found “nude” but this seems just a bit too sensational. Feel like if she was in a bathroom she would have at least thrown on a robe or a towel.

Why Are Some People and News Outlets Saying She Was Locked in a Closet?

We don’t know. Perhaps because it makes the story even more interesting. But closets don’t have locks.  Especially locks from the inside. I mean, who has even heard of such thing?   This YouTube video also probably perpetuated the rumor:


How Did This All Come to Pass?

Charlie arranged to spend the night with Capri Anderson for $12,000. They went to Daniel, a posh eatery on the Upper East Side, with some of Charlie’s friends and few other escorts. They drank a lot and partied hard. Charlie went to the bathroom and invited Capri. There, Charlie took off his clothes and tried to have sex with Capri. This did not work out. Capri wanted her money first and Charlie did not have it on his person. Capri left the restroom and went back to the dinner table. Charlie’s personal assistant went to check on him, only to find him naked and delusional. Somehow, after all this, Charlie and Capri made it back to Charlie’s suite at the Plaza. Radar says they smoked coke together, but who really knows? Charlie tried to have sex with Capri again. Capri demanded her 12k again. Charlie could not find his wallet or his 170K diamond watch. He accused Capri of stealing these items and went on a rampage. He broke a ton of shit and was reportedly yelling the n-word a lot. Capri locked herself in the bathroom. This caused a rumpus and residents called security and security called the police.

170k watch?

Charlie Sheen, man. His entire watch collection is valued at over 5.6 million.  

Did Either Capri or Charlie Press Charges? Where are Charlie and Capri now?

No one pressed charges or was arrested. Charlie was hospitalized though. According to TMZ, Capri plans to sue Charlie. She feels as if her life was in danger and she was being held against her will, heh. Charlie is back in Los Angeles. Radar reported Sunday night:

Out-of-control Charlie Sheen is on a NEW rampage with hookers and cocaine, partying wildly since returning from New York, is reporting exclusively. And the situation is so grave that one close friend, who has known him for more than 20 years said: “Charlie Sheen is going to die this week.”

TMZ says this is false and that Charlie is at home, relaxing, getting ready to get back on set for his show Two and Half Men. Prez Hilton reports Charlie Sheen’s father, the great Martin Sheen, is planning an intervention. No one seems to know exactly where Capri is. It is likely she is working with a bunch of people on how to maximally capitalize on this whole “ordeal.”

What’s Charlie’s Deal?

Charlie Sheen is an interesting character. He loves alcohol and whores. He believes 9.11 was an inside job. He tried to inject cocaine and overdosed. He has had various children with various women. He is one of the highest paid television actors of all time. He banks 1.25 million per episode for his CBS show Two and Half Men. Once, he accidentally shot his girlfriend.

I Hear Capri Anderson is Really Hot. Who is She? Where Can I Watch Videos of Her?

Capri Anderson is indeed a hot female.  Her real name is Christina Walsh and she was born in 1988 in either California or New York. According to her Myspace, she lives in Hollywood, CA. But her Twitter account states her location as “nowhere land.” You can watch pornographic images and videos of her at her members-only site We have also procured the following gallery for you:

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