Choose To Stay With Someone Who Feels Like Home


Choose to stay with someone who feels so easy to be with. Someone who would make you feel so comfortable like how you lay down in your very own bed. When sleeping meant to be more relaxing like it should be or when wearing pajamas all day isn’t a bad idea. Being with that person makes you feel so good just the way you are.

Choose to stay with someone who would make you laugh and cry when you need it the most. Someone who sees your soul more than your body. Someone who knows what he/she needs to do when you’re not yourself without you saying anything.

Choose to stay with someone who would let you know every single day that you matter. Whether it comes from words or actions, he/she will definitely let you know how amazing you are as a person and how grateful they are for having you in their lives.

Choose to stay with someone who encourages you to be a better version of yourself. Someone who’s cheering you on the things that you love the most. Because seeing you live your passion and grow as a person makes them really happy.

Choose to stay with someone who would love your everything. Whether you’re clingy, needy, stubborn, plain or extravagant; it doesn’t matter as long as it is you. That person will accept and love you as a whole and he/she will keep on choosing you without a doubt–it will always be you.

Choose to stay with someone who would never let go of your hand. Someone who is more than willing to commit and stay no matter what happens, because that person will fight with you side by side. He/she will never let you overcome those obstacles alone because you are a team and nothing can ever break the bond between the two of you.

Lastly, choose to be with someone who is a friend, family and a foe in one body. Someone who is not just a boyfriend/ a girlfriend, but someone who can be your mom or dad who would scold you for not wearing a jacket in a chilly night. Someone who can be your friend whom you can be seriously silly with. And someone whom you can pick a fight with, but will never let the day end without you two reconciling.

Choose to stay with someone who feels like home.