China Becoming Cooler Than America, Will Implement Cool-Ass Bus System


China has just revealed a potentially sweet new partly solar-powered bus system that takes up zero road space. Effectively, it reduces traffic and pollution, can carry up to 1,200 people, and nags at Americans’ unspoken fear that China is quickly becoming way cooler than America.

Spanning the width of two traffic lanes and running on a fixed route, the invention could reduce traffic jams by 25 to 30 percent on main routes and replace up to 40 buses. Here’s a picture:

Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment

Lately, China is seeming way more chill than America, especially considering that now, <a href="unemployment claims here are the highest they’ve been in 9 months (half a million people). Everyone’s laying everyone else off as the “economic recovery weakens,” adding to “growing fears that the economic recovery is slowing and the country could slip back into a recession,” says The Washington Post. Not too sure when America slipped out of the recession, though.

Anyways, excited about/scared of China.