Celebrating In Solitude


The leaves rustled in quietude as I traveled and walked down the dusty grey lane in Tbilisi

Such a foreign land, such lingering uneasiness

My hair tousled aside my face and I combed it away with my fingers

My face was foreign, clothes and shoes didn’t belong here

There was a kitchen faintly distinct with people chattering and I stumbled inside

Crossing the yellowish-colored lane across the green field

Surprised that many from my country were here chattering away

They welcomed me with ghostly surprise

But I felt less acquainted

I was still foreign

With an accent unknown to them

They were groups where they knew one another

I was lone

So I took to my usual sitting and scanned the menu

Belly yearning and I salivating, I purchased my lunch

My personal favorite dishes from India

Fried spicy chicken sautéed with rice and condiments

Yogurt to relieve the spiciness

The silence became my friend and the trees, restaurateur an alibi

The unfamiliar became natural

Familiarity arose and it was not long until I frequently visited the café

For my own personal replenishment

My persuasion is this that

The soul wishes to accomplish a goal and along this, they encounter solitude

They encounter trials and tribulations

They can enjoy it if they wish

It is their own perspective and the more they do

The more they win

The more knowledgeable and adaptable you are

The more you can take on new challenges and attain new gains

It may look romanticized but it is not easy

But the frequent yearning for a search of new experiences from a traveler

Seeking out new opportunities

Enjoying different tastes of the world

Immersing into the vibrance of new culture

Each moment needs to be celebrated

This all makes it worthwhile in the end