Can You Actually Fall In Love With Someone You’ve Never Kissed?


Of course shows like Catfish show us the possibility of love without a physical relationship, but for the person who dreamt of their first kiss throughout high school, the person who grew up watching Disney movies imagining that kiss being the end-all-be-all moment for love, it seemed IMPOSSIBLE without a kiss.

You’re supposed to pop a leg up. The birds are supposed to start singing, and the sun is supposed to come from behind the clouds.

We know that love is hard to define, but being able to love someone past a friendship level is possible—without a kiss.

As adults we’re supposed to understand the complexities of love. By now we should all know that love is a combination of feelings, of which are not always physical.

Sometimes sending each other news articles on foreign policy produces love.

Sometimes spending time talking about the ins and outs of religion produces love.

Sometimes discussing the current state of race relations produces love.

Sometimes discussing the realities of eating unhealthy produces love.

Sometimes complaining about that 15 page paper you have to write before midnight produces love.

Sometimes complaining about how crowded the gym is produces love.

Just being there produces love.

When you love someone you know it, with or without a kiss.