Bridges To Build, Obstacles To Learn


Bridges build ways to get from one destination to another. A bridge can become an obstacle if you’re unwilling to cross it. An obstacle becomes anything or anyone you allow to block your destination.

Obstacles are lessons for us. They teach us to slow down, reflect, find another direction, or block our path for the moment. The block might help us realize when something is not for you. An obstacle blocking your path could mean, it’s not the right time.

The presence of obstacles are for you to build a bridge through your thinking. Yes, through. Review what you’re thinking and how you’re thinking. The moment you speak or think, “I can’t,” becomes the moment of self-defeat, a broken bridge. When you think anything opposite of what you think is possible for you, breaks bridges, not builds. You can change this.

If you can form habits of saying the negative, why not form habits of saying the positive? A good example of speaking or thinking in a negative way is with money.

When you’re raised to accept a lack mentality, then yes, lack is what is manifests. Money does matter, when you have money matters. The perspective of how you view money matters. The bridges built around money and obstacles, too.

Accept where you are and what you have now without limiting yourself to where you are and how it is. Then, things will change. The moment you become aware of what you’re capable of, is the moment things will start manifest on your behalf. Don’t allow excuse to cause you to believe in lack. Every excuse is an excuse. Why not dare yourself to think different? Only you know what you want to do. No one can tell you what your desires are.

Remember, you have bridges and obstacles, and you can decide how to deal with them.