Bon Iver Lyric Or Thought Catalog Headline?


Can you tell which is which?

You’re Standing On My Sternum
We Came Close To Being Something
When Your Money’s Gone and You’re Drunk As Hell
How To Look Like a Million Bucks When You’re Broke As Hell
Our Love Is a Star
When Will We Be Ready To Be Loved?
Alligators and Armadillos Couldn’t Stop Me From Getting In Through Your Door
Desire Is Something You Can’t Control
Sometimes I Wonder What Love Is
As Long As I Love You, I Am Not Free
I’ve Run Out of Brain
The Space Where You Used To Be
I Was Teased By Your Blouse
But This Is What You Wanted
You Said, “I’m On Your Side”
How I Should Have Said Goodbye
My Sexuality Don’t Have Nothing To Do With My Integrity
You Can’t Know What You Want Until You Know You Don’t Know What You Want
Oh God, Don’t Leave Me Here

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