Be Proud Of Your Scars


Let me tell you something about scars; Scars doesn’t define your weakness. Rather, it defines how strong you are as a person.

Because those scars proved how much effort you put into what matters to you the most.

Those scars are the living proof that you’re not a quitter. You are a warrior. Because you fought your own battles; you fought those doubts, fears, mistakes and your very own anxiety. You didn’t let those negativities stop you from doing what you need or love to do.

Scars may represent bad memories, failure, heartbreak, rejection, mistakes and pain; but this I tell you, without those scars you wouldn’t be this strong person standing tall at the edge of the world.

I just want you to know that, all of our scars have a purpose in our lives. Just like how deep the scars we gave to our Almighty God; despite those scars, God Himself saved us from our sins. Because those scars signify how much God loves us. He didn’t saw us for our mistakes, rather He saw us for the love He has for us.

No matter how deep your scars are, what matters is that it healed and made you more beautiful as ever. You don’t need to hide it or feel ashamed of it. Because those scars made you better, stronger and fiercer. It reminded you of all the challenges you’ve surpassed.

Those scars exist because God wants to remind us that our imperfections make us wonderful human beings.

Never forget that scars aren’t painful memories, rather, they are compelling experiences that remind us of what we can do. Without fears of getting hurt and failing; but with courage, hope and strength to keep on fighting until the end, to keep on believing that you will heal and rise again.

You are amazing for bearing those scars. Be proud of it. Own it.