Be Brave—You’re Growing Into The Best Possible You


You are still growing, still learning, still becoming who you are meant to be. You need to continue to be the bravest version of yourself – the one that is okay with failure even if it isn’t something you are used to. These are lessons you need to learn to blossom and grow into the you that you are meant to be.

You need to let yourself be a work in progress.

Everyone wants to be successful and prosperous. You were brought to this world to contribute in a big way but changing the world means starting with yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice time with family and friends, or even place all your energy into helping other people.

You keep thinking, “When I’m successful, it will pay off. When I’m successful, I can slow down and relax. When I’m successful, I will have made the contribution I am meant to make.”

Except nothing in life works that way. While you’re waiting for your nonexistent someday, you are missing the here and now. You aren’t allowing yourself to be the draft version of yourself because you think you need to be perfect.

Allow yourself the space to grow, fail, and learn how to pick yourself up gracefully in order to be happy.

Because happy, healthy people change the world. Burned out people just fuel their egos.

But it is important to not be perfect, to break the rules, to fall down and be unsure of how to get back up. This builds resilience and strength in you as a person. You need to let go, and be happy with who you are at every moment rather than just waiting and waiting for something that will never happen.

Being happy and healthy is the bravest thing you can be.