One Day, Love Will Take You

One day, somebody will love things about you that you’ve never even thought twice about. One day, any part of you that you have thought of as flawed will be the reason why somebody thinks you are beautiful.

Real Love Is Brave Enough To Let Go

Every time I have loved and my heart has broken, it has come back to me a little more whole, a little more complete, a little more firm in the knowing of who I am.

I Am Choosing To Slow Down And Embrace This Mess

This week I moved into my first one bedroom apartment in the city—my first time ever living alone. What I planned on being a very intentional and mindful move, including lots of journaling and reflection on what feels like a pivotal time in my life, turned into a week that was a little bit of a messy, well, shitshow.

This Is Why You Should Embrace Your Aloneness

I am realizing that sometimes I am the best lover I can be for myself, so I put on dresses, pack my notebook, and drive myself somewhere beautiful over and over again and let the earth hold me.