I’ve come up with some New York-style Mad Libs to make your life a little easier. Just fill in the blanks, and people will think you’ve lived here your whole life.

Self-Motivation For Losers

The amazing thing is how great I am at motivating myself to NOT go to the gym. If not working out were a thing people aspired to achieve, I would be the Dr. Phil of sloth.

An Open Letter To Seamless Web

Unlike drunk texting, which can ruin everything, drunk ordering only comes with the risk of falling asleep before my pizza arrives.

Moving To New York: Expectations Vs. Reality

Expectation: Going out in new neighborhoods all the time.
Reality: Going to the same bar four nights a week because you’re 100% certain you’ll be able to hang up your jacket.

Drinking My Way Through 14 Dating Websites

A few years ago, I was totally underwhelmed with my life. I spent most of my evenings crying over my ex and attempting to numb the pain with an overconsumption of sandwiches.

Have The Best Summer Ever In Atlanta

Foodie culture exploded in Atlanta over the past decade, and there’s not a single neighborhood lacking in fantastic fare. While I recommend you try everything, true foodie bliss is found at the Dekalb farmer’s market.