Why You Should Tell Her She’s Beautiful

There’s not a thing you can do about the fact that you don’t know each other though, and it seems as if you’ll be left to staring with an audacious, hypnotized gaze pointed towards her direction dreaming of a life lived together that never was to begin with — unless you do something about it.

What To Do When You Just Wake Up With The Blues

Sure, we have those mornings where we might wake up, and for whatever reason things that didn’t trouble us the night before trouble us to a borderline unbearably constrictive degree, and well, it all kind of weighs a ton — but only if we let it though.

She’s Not Going To Text You Back (And That’s Alright)

Because it could be better, that’s why. You could get to know each other outside of the bedroom; you could ask her how her day was. Hell, you could go as far as to ask what she’s studying, and why she might be studying that particular field.

Life Is Too Important To Be Spent Alone

Maybe you’re reading this as someone who is in a relationship, maybe you just got out of one or into one, maybe you hate the idea of givin’ someone out there a key to the edifice of your very soul because of all the vulnerability that’d demand. What if that person left you? Then what do you do?