I Love You More Than Words Could Ever Say

I wish I could scream how much I love you from the rooftops. I love being there for you. I love making you laugh. I love having you to be a wonderful friend and partner. Loving you is so awesome.

To The Man I Have Grown To Love

I cannot put into words the way my universe shifted after you came in it. I have experienced every day and everything much more intensely.

You Just Make Sense To Me

In the same way that I know the sky is blue and that 2+2=4. That is how much you make sense to me.

Even On My Bad Days, I Love You

I want you to know that on my bad days, on the worst days where I can’t even find the strength to shower or get out of bed, on the days where I don’t know myself, on days where everything seems impossible and everything seems blurry, the only thing in the world that makes sense is how much I love you.