This Is Why The Life Of An Art Student Is So Bizarrely Lovely

You love class because it’s an outlet to being the douchey artist you sometimes want to be. You enjoy the pretentious discussion you have because, like all artists, you have a little pretentious asshole inside of you that can only be set free around other secretly pretentious assholes like yourself.

A Letter To My Greatest Love

It’s a beautiful place we’re in. A place where only you and I exist. Everything else is just background noise. We belong here stronger than we’ve belonged to anywhere else. Because we’ve never really belonged anywhere else.

Not Everything You Lose Is A Loss

I lost myself, only to be justly found. I lost things I had to lose and I realized that losing isn’t a ruthless thing and neither is change. I lost everything I needed to lose to start over right.

I Hope You Allow Yourself To Forgive

I hope you come to terms with the brutality of this world and choose to forgive anyway. I hope you walk away from the pain with a smile on your face and in your heart.