Read This If You’re Too Lonely To Sleep

I’ve spent all day looking at words and pictures on screens. And at the end of it, here I am in bed, wide-eyed and staring into the dark wondering why I feel so alone.

Remember This: Every Ending Is A Beginning

What you’re leaving behind has defined you. It has informed you. It has illuminated your days for quite a while now, and you’re afraid for that light to disappear because you don’t know what life without it looks like. But you can’t keep looking back.

21 Jump Street: The Deepest Action Movie You’ll Ever See

It turns out that this movie is way more than a wacky comedy or a high school clique movie. It gives us more than fascinating commentaries on racism, attitudes toward minorities, and high school today. And, above all, this is a story that proves that, as humans, all we really, truly want is to belong.