To The Very First Man Who Broke My Heart, Thank You

Thank you for staying quiet when I asked, “Do you even love me anymore?” Thank you for not giving us another chance. Thank you for going back to your ex, weeks after we ended, because I needed to feel that low.

God Has Got You, You Are Going To Be Alright

God has you when you’re wondering if there is a God. God has you when you’re ignoring him and questioning him and cursing his name. God has you when you’re driving in your car, exhausted from an awful day at work, sobbing to a sad song on the radio. God has you when you’re dwelling on the past.

If You’re Going To Love Me, You Have To Love My Anxiety Too

It’s okay if you become frustrated. It’s okay if you don’t understand how my mind goes to these dark places. It’s okay if you cannot relate to me. It’s okay. I know I am hard to handle. I know I’m unpredictable and emotional and hard. Love me anyway.