The Three Times You Ran Into Ryan Gosling

He walks past you, a fit figure of confident posture and elegant air. “Jesus,” Kyle utters as Ryan Gosling is four steps away. “That was totally a famous actor that just walked past us.”

Yes, I Am On The List: NYC Exclusive Nightlife

First things first, it’s highly unlikely there is an actual strict list. If there is a list, I have never been on it, and there is not one elitist nightowl business in NYC I haven’t found myself in past 4am. Yes, the title was a lie, but I promise I can negotiate my way in despite the fact I am not willing to spend $400 for a night of fun, and have never been featured in any tabloids.

On Being Friends With Identical Twins

I am not entirely sure how I first heard about the existence of identical twins, nor where my fascination stems from. Naturally, over time I had fallen in love with a young and innocent Lindsay Lohan in Parent Trap and thought about the vast array of activities I could avoid if I had the option of sending my twin to perform a perfunctory task.

Lana Del Rey: Don’t Make Her Sad, Don’t Make Her Cry

Is Lana Del Rey a ‘product’ that has been put together by larger forces in the music industry to cater to the increased demand for indie-yet-easy-to-consume artists? Or is she an overly dramatic young woman expressing her saccharine emotions?

An Open Letter To Fran Lebowitz's Writer's Block

Originally, I was contemplating creating a YouTube video that would become an Internet sensation to present my plea for your abandonment of Fran’s body. Then I realized that such a video would be a wasted attempt: we both know Fran doesn’t “do” computers. Thus, I decided to write to you — yet another thing Fran doesn’t do.

Fallacies In Johnny Depp’s “Three Cigarettes” Theory

I’ve weaned myself down to about, on a great day, on a really great day, three cigarettes. For a nicotine junkie the essential cigs are three: the first-of-the-day cigarette smoked after lunch, the after-dinner cigarette and then the one taken whenever you want – the luxury-wild-card smoke.