10 Foods That Slow The Aging Process

Rich and vibrant colors are your best bet. Green leafy veggies are an obvious go-to, but if your entire basket consists of various shades of emerald, you’re missing out on some key players.

10 Dos And Don’ts To Consider Before A Dermal Filler Procedure

In the past few years, fillers have experienced a game-changing revolution. Once seen as solely a way to turn back time, they are now commonly used by women and men of all ages to enhance lips, re-sculpt the face, refresh eyes and even as a way to restore mobility.

5 Ways To Give Yourself Wrinkles At Any Age

While fine lines and wrinkles are an inevitable side effect of living a long and happy life, many people do not know that day-to-day choices can speed up the process, regardless of how many birthdays you’ve celebrated.

Things To Know Before You Start Laser Hair Removal

Whether you’re looking to thin out thicker hair or eliminate it altogether, laser hair removal boasts a number of benefits. That said, it is important to note that a proper removal requires expertise, preparation and commitment.

Approaches To Total Body Health That Work For Everyone

I am a firm believer in the mind and body connection. In my experience, there is an undeniable link between emotions, personal mantras that come by way of self-talk and daily routines, and how the body looks, feels and even heals.

Four Ways Emotions Affect Your Skin

While it has become a bit of a coin phrase, mindfulness matters-from managing cortisol levels to impacting the way our cells age, the way our brain thinks impacts the way our body copes.